GSoC'18 Post#1: Community bonding ends

Community bonding of Google Summer of Code 2018.

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To know about coala, go through the gsoc-with-coala post.

Project abstract

The aim of the project is to improve linter bears in coala by improving the testing API that adds support for global bears, adding base test helper class, automating the tests for bears, adding support for 7 additional linter bears and enhancing the documentation for coala API and coala-bears.

Project Mentors:

What are Linter Bears ?

Linter Bears word is a combination of the two terminologies: Linter and Bears. Linter is a tool that analyses source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs. Bears in coala is meant to do some analysis on source code. It can check your code for potential problems, calculate metrics and even provide corrections for your code.

Linter Bears are bears that are capable of wrapping third party open source linters, and to be sustainable even allows you to write custom code analysis routines, thus extending the modular functionality of coala. You don't have to go through the hassle of learning how to use various tools for different programming languages. With over 45 supported languages(and counting), things get much simpler under a single roof.

Community Bonding Period

The Milestones of my Project during Community Bonding Period are:


On 14th May, the community bonding has come to an end and I've nearly managed to complete my milestone. My earlier contributions to coala helped me to get knowledge about the linter class of coala. It has been a wonderful time so far. I've managed to get cEP-0027 merged.

Thats all for community bonding ! Stay tuned ! Till then, Happy Coding !

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